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By Dieter Schmidt, Steven C. Schachter

From pediatric to the aged, from contractible to refractive, epilepsy is an sickness that manifests in lots of kinds and throughout various demographics. during this attention-grabbing quantity, the writer info multiple hundred circumstances the place overall healthiness care practitioners confronted strange demanding situations in treating the disorder. All points of epilepsy are explored via those circumstances, from the occasionally complicated preliminary analysis to sufferer responses and remedy tools. during this best-selling brief textual content, the writer additionally provides the teachings discovered from those remarkable circumstances. one hundred ten difficult circumstances in Epilepsy turns out to be useful for scientific scholars, citizens and all healthiness care practitioners, because the practices used to appreciate those situations will be utilized to different diagnoses in addition.

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Therefore, if results from non-invasive examinations are consistent with temporal lobe epilepsy but are not backed by MRI studies, the search for another possible seizure focus should continue and should always include the anterior cingulate gyrus. Further reading Devinsky O, Morrell M, Vogt BA. Contributions of anterior cingulate gyrus to behavior. Brain 1995;118:279–306. Grunwald Th, Kurthen M, Elger CE. Predicting surgical outcome in epilepsy: how good are we? In: Schmidt D, Schachter SC, eds.

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