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Chess Endgame Training

This can be an endgame handbook with a distinction. once a subject matter has been brought and some uncomplicated rules mentioned, you're instantly invited to immerse your self within the topic through fixing a sequence of proper positions. The options to those positions function a wealth of functional suggestion and extra dialogue of endgame ideas and the foremost theoretical issues.

Chess Generalship V1: Grand Reconnaissance

This publication is a facsimile reprint and will include imperfections corresponding to marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages.

Manual of Chess Combinations Volume 1b

The booklet is a brand new version of a bestseller by way of an skilled trainer Sergey Ivashchenko. Over 250,000 copies of his books have been bought within the Soviet Union within the past due 1980's. This publication is meant for novices, either teenagers and adults. the topics are: Win a section, Draw, and so on. The publication designed for chess gamers with ELO 1200-1500 issues.

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C3 Another plan is to leave the d4-pawn alone for a while and to develop the pieces. Nb3 d5!? d5!? Re1 Bb4. fxg4 Bxg4, and Black won. Surely, not all of the above-mentioned moves are necessary. Qb3. Qb3 Qd7! Boris does not want to defend passively. Bg5. Qxb7 Ng4 The queen is difficult to catch, but Black gains a long-lasting initiative for the sacrificed pawn. g3 Rfb8! Qa6 Bf6 with sufficient compensation. g3? Ne5! Qxa7? Qb7 Nxf3+! Rf2 Nb3 /+. Bd4!? Qc2 Rxf2?! Qc4! Nxf2? Qxd4!! Rab1 followed by a mate on b8.

It is unclear whether White can win here. Kasparov: This is a serious mistake. White is winning easily after this move. g4 and White’s passed pawns supported by the rook are first to reach the last rank. Rxf4 Rxa2. White has winning chances in this ending, but it is not that easy to break down Black’s resistance. Rf5 A decisive pin. Kasparov: The rest is smooth sailing for White. Rf2 White has not merely won the piece, but also saved the queenside from destruction. The game’s outcome is clear. h4!

Bg2 a5! b5! With the exchange lost, there is no point in crying for the pawns! 0-0 Rd8?! Qe2 Qa6?! Rxb5 Alexey has managed to confuse his young counterpart. White has already gained an advantage. f6! g5! f3 Nc6 Now it looks like equality. But the fight is continuing with the same tension. Kf4 Rc5?! And this was done in vain! He should have accepted a draw. f5 The white pawns have become too dangerous. Black is living through hard times.

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