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Nc4, and White’s position is more comfortable. Nc4 After the exchange on d5 the endgame is equal. 1/2-1/2 Press Conference with Winner Garry Kasparov (bv Fre Hoogendoom) After his historic third successive victory in Wijk aan Zee, Garry Kasparov gave a press conference to the assembled press. At first the questions were slow in coming, but soon the press and Kasparov warmed to each other, as the former world champion answered questions on a wide range of topics. Winning Wijk aan Zee had been very important to him.

White avoided all the traps, and a draw is the logical result. Be3 21…Rd8 Again I changed my mind. Nd2, and it looks like Black doesn’t get anything here. Rd8. Re1 f6 A solid move, it appeared that White didn’t have any way to improve the position. Rxb3 f4 Correct. Rc8+? Kh2 f1N#! Nd2! Nf1 Rf8, with excellent compensation. Rb6! bxa5? Na6 1/2-1/2 Round 13: The tournament ship enter its harbour (Rapid Review by Eugeny Atarov) January 28, 2001 Tiviakov,S - Fedorov,A 1-0 Kasparov,G - Adams,M 1/2 Anand,V - Van Wely,L 1-0 Ivanchuk,V - Timman,J 1-0 Kramnik,V - Piket,J 1/2 Morozevich,A - Shirov,A 1/2 Topalov,V - Leko,P 1/2 The Wijk aan Zee tournament is over.

This was Shirov’s most vexing, and not first, mistake in the event. Now he just has to live through Ivanchuk, Morozevich, and Kramnik, and one of the first prizes (if not the very first) will migrate to his "home collection"… Morozevich’s victory over Fedorov is easy to comment on: Alexander plays much better than Alexei, and so there is nothing to be said. It is Morozevich’s fifth victory with Black at the event, so he has nearly caught up with Kasparov’s achievement of Linares 1999. As for his chances to win gold, there is nothing to envy, as he still has to face Topalov, Leko, and Shirov.

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