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This is an unbelievable move. Black has not completed development yet, but opens the center, sacrificing a pawn! Bh3 and White grabbed the initiative, Leko,P - Topalov,V/Batumi 1999/1-0 (51). h6. Be3 White has not captured the pawn! dxe6 Bxe6 Black has some initiative. Black castles long, whereas White’s pieces are poorly placed. d4! d4 All of a sudden the black pawn has raced forward. White’s advantage in the center has melted within two moves! Bf2 Bc5 An ingenious maneuver. Black is ready to meet White’s long castling with a pawn thrust, d4-d3!

Black’s problems are escalating. Rd2 Rb8! Black should keep the white pawns under attack. Rd3 Rb7 Black has created the threat Be6-f5. g4! White has repelled the above-mentioned threat. Garry is going to open a second front on the kingside if an opportunity presents itself. hxg4 f5?! This is a questionable decision. Sasha is opening the position. However, it looks like the white rooks will make use of it first! Rc6 followed by a7-a5. Bc5! A precise reply! b4! This way White has completely untied his rooks.

Nxa5 Kasparov: Of course, White has to trade this active knight. exd4 e6 unclear. ) An inaccuracy. Qb5 19…Rac8 The position has “dried up” a little bit. I suppose the game will be drawn. Black had a good option, 19…Be4, to keep the white bishop out of g2. Bxb7! Rdd1 Rc4 and Black has some edge. Be4! Kasparov: Now White must find a series of the only moves. Kxg2 e5 Black managed to grab the initiative! h4 b6 A temporizing move. What should White do? Bxd4 Rc4! Qb3! exd4 White’s pawns are weak, but that hardly outweighs the drawing tendencies of this position.

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