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By Lynn Gordon, Karen Johnson

Full of artistic feedback for either indoor and outside actions, this illustrated deck will supply concept while boredom moves. attempt Treasure Hunt, mystery Writings, technology Cubes, and Nature Wind Chimes. excellent for any day—rain or shine—these playing cards will hold young ones engaged and entertained.

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When will your club meet? Will there be a clubhouse location? Will you have a secret handshake? Try making a Secret Journal together. Think of ways you can secretly do nice things for other people, like sending a card to a sick classmate or giving blue socks to a homeless shelter. Be sure to discuss how to add new members when other friends want to join. Perhaps they will have to wear blue socks for three days in a row or spin in circles for one minute before joining. Silent Talk Materials: Books/Web sites about sign language Learn some American Sign Language with a friend and talk to each other secretly.

Domino Races Materials: Domino set or large binder clips Line up dominoes so they are each standing on one short end. If you don’t have dominoes, large binder clips also work. When the dominoes are all in a line, gently tap the first one so that it falls over. As it falls, it will knock over the next domino, and so on, until the whole row has fallen. When setting them up, be sure that the dominoes are close enough that when each one falls it will touch the next one in line-one domino’s length or closer.

Take orders from your family or friends, writing down the orders in a small notebook. Use a tray to carry the food to the table, one item at a time. Science Cubes Materials: Empty ice-cube tray; Edible liquids; Freezer; Small pieces of fruit When water freezes, it makes ice. What happens when other liquids freeze? Make a variety of “ice” cubes and find out. Fill the ice-cube tray with a variety of safe-to-drink liquids. Choose fruit juice, milk, water, or any others you can find. Carefully put the tray in the freezer and freeze the liquid until solid, at least 2 hours.

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