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By James D. Mauseth

This ebook offers the tales of 3 avid box biologists who over the process 15 years often traveled jointly looking for cacti in Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. The conversational form of this travelogue permits us to percentage within the authors' pleasure as they come across crops that experience hardly, if ever, been written approximately. approximately 195 amazing colour pictures accompany the brilliant descriptions of bizarre cacti becoming along non-succulent vegetation, at altitudes of 8000 ft or more-and even in rainforests! A Cactus Odyssey will curiosity gardeners, tourists, and conservationists from worldwide who desire to study extra approximately those impossible to resist crops, and it's the wish of the authors that this publication will motivate others to adopt their very own cactus odyssey.

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Every branch ramifies until the plant is a solid mass of branches, 18 Cacti: Introduction, Biology, and History Deamia testudo is adapted to rainforests—its ribs are too thin to store much water, but they are large enough to photosynthesize. Plants or D. testudo climb trees by clinging to them with their roots, growing upward until they reach bright sunlight. Cultivation of rainforest cacti often requires mist systems to keep the humidity high, which is not something you would expect a cactus to need.

And no other plants resemble them enough to be included in the genus Melocactus. If only all genera were so easy. A group of species that poses greater classification difficulties occurs in a complex of genera such as Echinopsis, Lobivia, Soehrensia, Trichocereus, and a few others. Although the species resemble each other in many aspects, there are also differences. Members of Echinopsis are short and usually small, globular, lowland plants; those in Trichocereus are columnar and often giants with habitats that range from lowlands to intermediate altitudes; plants in Soehrensia are very broad, massive globes up to 2 feet (60 cm) in diameter that live at altitudes above 6000 feet (2000 meters); and the species placed in Lobivia are mostly smaller plants adapted to high altitudes.

Individuals of Echinopsis also grow among the bromeliads, and several plants of Cereus have taken root where clefts in the rock are wide enough. place. They are delicate, even fragile, and because we have seen them only as houseplants, it seems incongruous that here they are surrounded by cactus and rock. During a sunny summer day, the heat must be incredible, yet the plants survive. The begonias are obviously healthy and happy, and so beautiful that we do not mind that we have not found any new cacti up here.

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