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By Dr. Max and David Hooper Euwe

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This is often an endgame handbook with a distinction. once a subject matter has been brought and some simple principles mentioned, you're instantly invited to immerse your self within the topic via fixing a sequence of appropriate positions. The suggestions to those positions characteristic a wealth of sensible recommendation and extra dialogue of endgame rules and the major theoretical issues.

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This publication is a facsimile reprint and will comprise imperfections corresponding to marks, notations, marginalia and mistaken pages.

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8. KB6 KtU1 9. KB7 KtR2 10. KKI7 KrKt4 1 1 . K--Rth K l ,,,,K3 12. KrKl8 Ktfll ch. 13. KB7 K t R 2 14. KKt7 KtKt4 IS. KtH3 ch. KB5 I6. K K t t KtK3 17. KtQ7 KtKt4 18. KtK5 ReK3 19. KtR7. The method is the same, here, in the game, and as follows. 8 Kt,--Kt8 Kt-K3 ch. 9 g,,,,,-~7 ICt,,b,Kt4~ h . 10 K-B6 Kt---R2 cb. 1 and interrupting the circuit. From l:me to time White's knight guards thc pawn, thus making it possibfa for his King to rnovc frcxly, and to gain time wbifst avoiding harassment from thc black knight.

PKt4 KQ4) 5.. Kt x P: or if 4. KQ5 KB3. 4 ... 5 p Kt-82 2 MINOR PIECE v. TWO PAWNS Greville, Paris, 1848. j in its heyday, this is, as Kieseriisky remarked, a very interesting ending. -ICt3 Kt-04 ch. ttt the syatelxatic move raws without trouble. Thc king should oppose the most advanced ing thc advance of its then 4 RK5 KtB3 ch. KKG KtR3 7. ; or 4. PR3 KtQ4 ch. 5. 6. KBS RtK7. 1 K-,,Q5 In thew variations rhe kcight plays Thcalc:,ing p ~ ~ ~h~ 7 . ~lg. advancc draw, 1, BKtl. 4 K-KS Kt,,,-Kt5 S P--B3 1 ...

The bishop has mom mobility for it may cross the board in one move, and a greatc* r a n g for it map contrd squares at a distance. The knight may 4 K,-Q6 5 K--B5 K-Kt7 K-136 Kt,--BI ch. This is normally drawn, the piece sacrificingitself forthe pawn if necessary. Against an advanced pawn the knight may find this dificcult. 92 Against il RP ihe knight operates Jittle more than half-strength, and, as Not 4... KtK2 ch.? 5 . KQ7 KtQ4 6. PR6 KtKt5 7. PIt7 KtQ4 8 . KB6. 5 K,,-Kt6 Kt--84 d F-R6 XI 6. KB7 KtQS 7.

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