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Disterheft, D. „Irish Evidence for Indo-European Royal Consecration“, in: Studies in Honor of Jaan Puhvel, II: Mythology and Relition, ed. by J. Greppin and E. C. Polomé, Institute for the Study of Man, Washington, DC 1997: 103-118. Dumézil, La réligion romaine archaique, Payot, Paris 1974. Dunkel, G. „Vater Himmel's Gattin“, Die Sprache 34/1990: 1-27. Estell, M. „Orpheus and Rbhu revisited“, JIES 27/1999: 327-333. Euler, W. “ in: Studien zum indogermanischen Wortschatz, ed. by W. Meid, IBS, Innsbruck 1987: 35-56.

8. SLAVIC Principal theonyms: Perunъ < *peru-n- „rock“ and *perkwu- „oak“, Velesъ/Volosъ (probably related to Lith. velė „soul of the deceased“, less certainly with Hitt. ), Morana (most likely from moriti „to kill“), Triglavъ („three headed one“), Mokošь (of unknown origin; the connection with OCS mokrъ „wet“ is slightly more probable than the relationship with OIr. Macha, a goddess connected with horses in the Ulster cycle). A BYELORUSSIAN CHARM This is how God (var. Ilias) quarrelled with the Devil: I will, kill you, he says!.

And God's sons came Under the ash-three there is a well with silk little nets of clear water, they caught my ring, where the daughters of the Sun from the depth of the water. come to wash their faces in the morning. And a young boy came I went to the ash-tree by the well on a brown horse; to wash my face. and that brown horse And I washed my white face, had golden hooves. and my ring fell off. ILLUSTRATIONS A HITTITE GOD A PROCESSION OF HITTITE GODS IN THE SANCTUARY AT YAZILIKAYA A VEDIC SACRIFICE INDRA VARUNA AGNI THE CARYATIDES FROM A GREEK TEMPLE A STATUE OF APOLLO OKEANOS (FROM A GREEK VASE) THE SUOVETAURILIA A ROMAN SACRIFICE The Gundestrup Cauldron with Celtic deities Taranis (Jupiter) from Châtelet: Thórr A pagan Slavic idol BIBLIOGRAPHY Benveniste, E.

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