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By James N. Corbridge Jr., William A. Weber, Ken C. Abbott

A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer is an creation and box consultant to lichens within the Rocky Mountain sector. It gains seventy-two colour plates picturing the commonest and conspicuous species to be present in the mountains and foothills of the Rockies. a lot of those lichens also are universal in different geographic components, giving the booklet a broader software for these drawn to lichens somewhere else. as well as the plates, A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer includes a short description of every species to help in identity, in addition to a normal advent to lichens and their constitution. The publication is customized to the beginner, and features a part on starting a lichen assortment.

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C. Brown, Dubuque, IA. Hansen, Eric Steen. 1995. Greenland Lichens. 124 pp. Rhodos. Most of the lichens illustrated (in color) occur in the Rocky Mountains. McCune, Bruce, & Linda Geiser, 1997. Macrolichens ofthe Pacific Northwest. 386 pp. Oregon State University Press, Corvallis. McCune, Bruce, & Trevor Goward. 1995. Macrolichens of the Northern Rocky Mountains. 208 pp. Mad River Press. Moberg, Roland. 1982. Lavar [Lichens]. 240 pp. Interpublishing. In Swedish, but the color illustrations are grand.

Sometimes the lichens will be dry and crumbly. A bit of moisture will make them much easier to collect. Use a small spray bottle, available at the local hardware store and filled with tap water. Put this equipment in a cloth grocery bag, add your hand lens, and you will be ready to go. When you have collected a specimen, keep a record of the date and place you found it. Also note the material it was attached to, as this may be helpful later for accurate identification. Put each specimen in a paper bag.

Glypholecia scabra [rough, scabby]. A curious lichen of cliffs in the desert canyons and plateaus. The thallus is thick and chalky white, but what we would call the crust is attached to the rock by a central umbilicus. It can be pried loose by carefully inserting a penknife under the thallus. The apothecia are brown and appear to be in groups, and their surfaces are criss-crossed by pale bands of sterile tissue. Page 34 65. Icmadophila ericetorum [of heaths]. Thallus a pale gray or white sheet overgrowing soft (punky) rotting wood in moist forests.

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