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12. ) of the Rwenzori National Park. Lakes are shown stippled. The mean maximum annual temperature at Mweya, from 1955 to 1961, was 28-7°C, and the minimum was i8'3°C. The highest temperature recorded during this period was 35'8°C, and the lowest i2*3°C. The dry seasons would undoubtedly have a much greater desiccating effect than they do, both upon soil and vegetation alike, if it was not for the dense pall of smoke created by the country-wide grass fires, which at times completely blocks out insolation.

The clearings seem to have been maintained until 1939, when it was considered that their maintenance was no longer necessary as sleepingsickness had abated. No doubt the war prevented effective supervision, and also any organized re-settlement plan, such that the latter was never put into effect. Thus circumstances favoured the wildlife of this area to the extent that, by the time the first estimates of numbers were made in 1956, the biomass of wild ungulates was found to be one of the highest in Africa (Petrides and Swank, 1965).

After about 7 min, on average, the animal would stagger and collapse abruptly. It was then approached cautiously, as waterbuck seemed to be very alarmed by the sound of grass rustling close to them, and would struggle to rise when they heard this. My first action was to blindfold the animal, as this had a surprisingly calming effect. Next, the tranquillizer acetylpromazine was injected, which would have a further quietening effect about 10 min after administration. The sharp horn tips of bucks were then covered with pieces of rubber hosepipe to guard against accidents (Plate 12).

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