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By Peter D. Mosses

Motion Semantics is a singular method of the formal description of programming languages. Its abstractness is at an intermediate point, among that of denotational and operational semantics. motion Semantics has significant pragmatic benefits over all earlier techniques, in its comprehensibility and accessibility, and particularly within the usefulness of its semantic descriptions of reasonable programming languages. during this quantity, Dr Peter Mosses offers an intensive creation to motion semantics, and offers tremendous illustrations of its use. Graduates of desktop technology or maths who've an curiosity within the semantics of programming languages will locate motion Semantics a so much worthwhile publication.

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The data yielded by evaluating a compound yielder are the result of applying the operation to the data yielded by evaluating the operands. For instance, one can form the sum of two number yielders. Items of data are a special case of data yielders, and always yields themselves when evaluated. 18 Chapter 1. 6 Pragmatics Let us conclude this chapter by considering the use of comprehensive language descriptions for setting standards for implementations. The syntax of a programming language defines the set of legal programs, and the semantics of each program gives a representation of its implementation-independent behaviour.

For example, a yielder might always evaluate to the datum currently stored in a particular cell, which could change during the performance of an action. Actions A performance of an action, which may be part of an enclosing action, either: • completes, corresponding to normal termination (the performance of the enclosing action proceeds normally); or • escapes, corresponding to exceptional termination (parts of the enclosing action are skipped until the escape is trapped); or • fails, corresponding to abandoning the performance of an action (the enclosing action performs an alternative action, if there is one, otherwise it fails too); or • diverges, corresponding to nontermination (the enclosing action also diverges).

With syntax a standard may, for instance, require implementations to reject (with an informative error message) illegal programs, and perhaps allow them also to reject legal programs whose processing exceeds the available resources. It may allow national or typographical variations in the characters used to write programs. It is important to realize in connection with semantics that the actual behaviour of a particular program may be allowed to vary between implementations—even between different runs on the same implementation!

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