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B We may now write programs to access the data in file CITY. Probably the simplest useful task we could perform would be to print the contents of the file under program control. Files 55 In order to make the file available to the program we use the FILES stateĀ· ment in line 100 of program READCITY. We may read data from the external file in a manner similar to that with which we read data from internal files. To read from the file named in the files statement, we use READ #1 followed by the list of variables we want.

1949 2 FACTORS Extended Features of BASIC 29 Logical Operators The logical operators AND, fl~R, and Nfl~T are available on some BASIC systems and may be used in a wide variety of applications. One rather straightforward application is an extension of IF-THEN statements. We may often combine several IF-THEN's into one statement. For example, the pair, 100 110 IF X= 3 THEN 200 IF Y<2 THEN 200 100 IF X=3 OR Y<2 THEN 200 100 110 120 130 IF X <> 3 THEN 130 IFY>=2THEN130 G0T0 510 PRINT "'MESSAGE" 100 110 IF X=3 AND Y<2 THEN 510 PRINT "MESSAGE" becomes Or the four statements, become We can negate a statement with Nft~T.

Also note that the string 0123456789 is placed in quotes. When calling for a string read, some computers will ignore such a string unless it is in quotes because it 'looks like' a numeric. TA , "BETA" DATA END, END 240 STOP, STOP 250 DATA 260 END RUN CCMPRS * .. .. .. SS THAN ALPHA -BETA IS EQUAL TO 'lETA END IS EOIJAL TO END Advanced BASIC 34 Summary of Sec. 3-2 We have seen that the simple string variable can be used in BASIC programs in many of the same ways that simple numeric variables can.

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