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By James Silverberg, J. Patrick Gray

This booklet explores the function of aggression in primate social platforms and its implications for human habit.

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Baldwin's analysis of agonistic behavior in relatively nonviolent troops of Saimiri (Chapter 4) also contains several points relevant to these processes, as does Strier's discussion of the monomorphic woolly monkeys (Muriqui), also residing in troops where agonistic behavior is rare (Chapter 5). Pro-social Aggression Systematic studies of polyadic interactions in human dominance behavior are beginning to appear (see Strayer and Noel 1983). Many of them relate to our fifth theme: the study of the pro-social effects of aggression.

Most theorists who emphasize the necessity of changing perceptions to build a more peaceful world also argue for the need to establish a more just distribution of resources and power to support the perceptions that will dispose people toward resolving conflicts of interest without violence. Dentan's analysis of peaceful polities, including peaceable enclaves within modern nation-states (Chapter 10), is an exciting work that attempts to explain common characteristics of two types of peaceful societies: refugee societies and cenobite enclaves.

Ross (1986) found significant relationships between his socialization scores and level of violence scores and two measures of female political power. " These results should be replicated using Whyte's codes on female prestige, but they do suggest that the relationship between child-rearing practices, differential gender prestige and power, and levels of violence are complex. Research on the topic of female prestige and power requires close attention to the measures used in defining gender inequality.

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