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Seeds are sown at a depth of 3 cm in shade. A minimum distance of 8–10 cm should be maintained between two rows and 3 cm between the seeds. Two seeds per hill may be sown to compensate for any failure in seed germination or mortality later. Regular watering should be done to keep the nursery beds in moist condition. To raise the planting stock, terminal cuttings can also be planted in nursery beds or polybags after treating them with commercially available rooting hormones. The cuttings should be kept in shade Baliospermum montanum – houses or mist chambers for crop better rooting.

5 cm, germination is delayed to some extent, but first true leaf initiation occurs earlier as compared to sowing at other depths. Seeds are sown during October–November or March–April in polyhouses at middle altitudes Aconitum heterophyllum – (1800–2200 m), during February– young plants March in glass houses at lower altitudes (600– 1000 m), and during May–June at alpine sites in open beds or in hot houses. Plants raised from seeds have very slow growth and the cotyledonary phase (pseudomonocotyle) persists for at least one growth season (three to four months).

Optimum number of seedlings required per hectare using the recommended spacing is about 150 000. 29 AGRO - TECHNIQUES OF SELECTED MEDICINAL PLANTS P Intercropping system Shatavar is normally grown as a monocrop, but it can be grown in inter spaces available in orchards having low light interception. Plants need staking material, thus poles or shrubs serve for support. P Interculture and maintenance practices The balance two-third N is applied in two equal split doses at ridges during September and in late February.

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