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By Saartje Verbeke

The publication offers an outline of the alignment styles present in sleek Indo-Aryan languages. The research of the styles of case marking and contract ends up in a balanced view at the proposal of ergativity and evaluates its worth for typological linguistics. The booklet bargains an in depth dialogue of prior methods to ergativity. It analyzes 4 Indo-Aryan languages - Asamiya, Nepali, Rajasthani and Kashmiri - at the foundation of textual content corpora. Examples from different Indo-Aryan languages also are adduced. The booklet is a radical synchronic examine of alignment styles in Indo-Aryan languages.

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Moreover, there are many other grammatical relations in addition to those implied by the names Subject/Object and Absolutive/Ergative (cf. 1). , ergative or accusative alignment) including other coding properties determining alignment. 2). 30 Theoretical preliminaries In current linguistics, a case is considered a form/meaning pairing (cf. Willems 1997 for some historiographical background information). In the traditional definition, formal case marking refers to inflectional marking (cf. Blake 2001: 1; Dik 1978: 158).

The hierarchies decisively influence the marking of the core arguments because they predict that A-arguments with features from the left side of the hierarchy will be unmarked, whereas O-arguments with features from the right side of the hierarchy will take no marking (Comrie 1989: 129–137; Bickel 2008: 191 “the Marking-based RH hypothesis”). Silverstein (1976) also claims that the hierarchies are related to the alignment pattern. More specifically, Silverstein contends that the core arguments with features toward the left of the hierarchy pattern accusa- 36 Theoretical preliminaries tively, while the arguments more to the right pattern ergatively (Bickel 2008: 192 “the Alignment-based RH hypothesis”).

However, in the distinguishing approach, A is marked because it cannot be properly distinguished from the O-argument, considering that the O, which is the most patient-like argument in the clause, is typically low in agency, not the A-argument. In many recent accounts, the indexing and discriminatory approaches have been combined and both approaches are considered necessary to identify the arguments by the case marking (Næss 2007; Kittilä 2011). 4 Verb agreement Agreement, particularly verb agreement,¹³ is often referred to as a second morphosyntactic mechanism that distinguishes the core arguments in addition to the mechanism of case marking.

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