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By Timothy Leary

Publish 12 months note: First released November 1st 2008

Death is more and more at the schedule for child boomers relocating ever in the direction of it. Timothy Leary brings a few startlingly clean rules to this subject. essentially, he claims, we now have been brainwashed by way of our associations — govt, equipped faith, the healthcare — to simply accept dying as an inevitable finish. Leary argues as an alternative that demise is misunderstood, that we don't have to die, and that there are "commonsense alternatives."

His idea rests at the transhumanist method that claims people are evolving into non secular machines — beings which are half human and half computing device and at last won't die because the time period is often understood. Being geared up with computer components like bionic knees is a part of this technique. And as we evolve during the cybernetic age, he says, we'll achieve new knowledge that broadens our definition of non-public immortality and gene-pool survival — the "postbiologic alternative of the data species."

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