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By Keith R. Lindsay

Jam-packed with anecdotes at the most unearthly funerals and ultimate resting areas internationally, this guidebook is a tongue-in-cheek romp to a facet of existence that frightens most folks. Discussing the burial practices of the past—from the embalming practices of historic Egyptians to the funeral pyres utilized in India—while taking a look heavily at how loss of life and funeral companies are practiced this day, this humorously macabre advisor solutions questions resembling what sort of social gathering will be held at a funeral rite? Who could be invited to talk? should still flora be despatched? and What track will be performed? a full of life dialogue at the historical past of being buried alive and 10 principles on tips on how to cease it from taking place to you can be integrated.

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Indd 33 20/9/06 11:30:53 am And In The End the recycling and adapting of old dresses and accessories. And just in case the Old Country considered taking the colonial lead in this, it became considered unlucky to keep crêpe in the house after the mourning period, thereby guaranteeing the re-purchasing of another entire wardrobe of funeral wear the next time a family member passed on. And who considered it unlucky? The owners of the funeral attire shops maybe? The funeral itself ranged from a priest at the side of a pauper’s pit, to the plumed horses, ushers and army of mourners at the mausoleum of some Merchant Banker.

The simplest design had a string, or strings, attached to anything that might wiggle at one end and a bell at the other, such as that of Dr Taberger of Hanover. It didn’t have to be a bell of course, and alternate designs used fireworks, rockets and a red flag. One particular US coffin included a ladder and an escape tube leading up from the head of the interred, just in case no one was around to help. Once they were certain the occupant was totally dead the tube would be withdrawn allowing a flap to drop and cover the face.

In fact why not take it one step further and give away all the other bits of the body and dispense with the funeral altogether? Giving it all away II: The indigenous peoples of the Canadian Interior would burn all the clothes and possessions not already willed away by the deceased. And why, you may be asking, should we bring it back? Well, it’s perhaps a less drastic version of number 5. Hit the road: In Ancient Greece and in some northern European countries it was the practice for a brief time to bury the dead at the roadside.

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