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By Neville G Gregory

Animal welfare concerns have gotten more and more sought after in animal prodution, for either financial and ethical purposes. This publication provides a transparent realizing of the connection among the welfare of significant nutrition animal species and their body structure, and the direct influence this has on meat caliber. This re-creation specializes in fresh examine and advancements and in addition appears into welfare in aquaculture.

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Providing a non-glaring light inside the vehicle can encourage cattle on to the truck. Similarly a well lit unloading platform or counting-out pen will make unloading that much easier. Electric goads are commonly used for unloading pigs and cattle, and there are two types: ones that operate off the mains electricity supply and deliver a current at mains voltage; and ones that are battery powered and deliver a current by capacitance discharge. When electric goads have to be used it is recommended that they should only be applied to the rump of the animal, but many modern meatworks companies have now stopped using them, for welfare reasons.

Limping), soreness to touch, heat and swelling. Injected materials may act as irritants because of the solvent that is used, and when the irritation is severe it may lead to muscle fibre necrosis and fibrosis. The scar tissue tends to persist and it will make the area of meat inedible when the animal has been slaughtered. During mustering, yarding, loading and transport, torn skin occurs in the following ways: • • • • • contact with barbed-wire, nails, metal stanchions and hinges (cattle, sheep and pigs); dog bites (sheep); horn damage (cattle); fighting (pigs); claw damage to the back during catching and transport (ducks, turkeys sometimes); Livestock Presentation and Welfare before Slaughter • • 33 contact with cages (farmed salmon); rubbing against nets (marine fish).

A lone agitated cow or steer is a common cause of handling accidents, and handlers should be instructed never to enter a crowding pen containing an agitated lone bovine. If the animal refuses to enter the race, it is often best to let it go or put it in with another group of cattle. A single animal must never be left alone in a restrainer or stunning pen during coffee breaks or lunch. 50 Chapter 3 If a cow or steer escapes and is loose on the plant grounds, employees should not chase it. If it is left alone it will usually return to the cattle pens.

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