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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic examine Series.

These thirteen unique papers on terrestrial organic learn begin a significant other to Biology of the Antarctic Seas, which now contains 4 volumes of the Antarctic study sequence. The articles during this quantity variety in subject material from the limnology, body structure, and ecology of aquatic structures to the taxonomy of fresh-water algae, lichens, mosses, fungi, protozoa, and land arthropods of Antarctica. It concludes effectively, and for purposes acknowledged lower than, with a paper on subantarctic rain forests.

This terrestrial quantity brings jointly examine papers which are much less appropriate for book below latest Antarctic study sequence volumes and, consequently, finds one other measurement of the U.S. attempt in antarctic organic study. even though the quantity comprises systematic and ecologic papers, the longer stories element to alterations within the layout and crowning glory of box organic paintings. those alterations are exemplified by way of larger use of more and more subtle instrumentation and through emphasis on in situ experimental reports. This transition started as early as 1961-1962 while Goldman, Mason, and wooden, and likewise Koob and Leister, started their box paintings. to some degree, the reason and technique of those teams inspired the 1970 stories via Parker and his affiliates. a lot of organic study comprises graduate learn assistants, and 7 of those papers symbolize, partially or in complete, their contributions provided in partial success of necessities for greater levels.


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It hasbeenreportedfrom a Lake Miers (Vicing producedwithinthe felt by solarradiation. Rhizo- toria Land) bottom sample by Baker [1967]. The pods,holotrichousand hypotrichous ciliates,colorless averagesizesof our N. The fourth endemicdiatom (Gomphorotifers, and tardigradeswere common in the living nema kamtschatica var. The benthoscommunities of thetwo lakeswerequitesimilarand will thusbe treatedas a unit. Figure29 illustratessomeof the dominantben- Figs. 29-30. Microphotographs of organismsfrom Algal and Skua lakes.

000 -2000 IOOO I I • 15 DEC. II 15 JAN. , I I Fig. 45. Seasonalcourseof benthic productivity in Skua (solid circles) and Algal (open circles) lakes, 1962-1963. All values were derived from in situ measurements. Copyright American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series Antarctic Terrestrial Biology COMPARATIVE LIMNOLOGY OF TWO ANTARCTIC LAKES Vol. 20 35 carbonthan the phytoplanktonin the overlyingwater. This effectis especiallytrue in Algal Lake, which was Diel ProductivityMeasurement in fact named for the excessesof felt at its margins.

Only one faint spot appeared, which correspondedin positionwith authenticglucose. Nine bright clearly definedspotsappeared. By comparisonwith authenticsamplesit was possible to assign very tentative identificationsto the compoundspresentin the extract. From the origin there were (1) cystine, (2)lysine, (3) arginine and/or histidine and/or aspartic acid, (4) glycine and/or serine, (5) threonine and/or glutamic acid, (6) alanine, (7) tyrosine, (8) phenylalanine,and (9) leucine and/or isoleucine. 9 gramsof chlorideion per day.

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