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By T. K. Sarkar, Michael C. Wicks, M. Salazar-Palma, Robert J. Bonneau

A worthwhile addition to the Wiley sequence in Microwave and Optical Engineering
Todays glossy instant cellular communications depend upon adaptive «smart» antennas to supply greatest diversity and readability. With the new explosive development of instant purposes, shrewdpermanent antenna know-how has completed frequent advertisement and armed forces functions.

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102), the received open-circuit voltage will be approximately the derivative of the incident field when Llc is small compared to the duration of the initial duration of the incident pulse. 7 TRANSIENT RESPONSES FROM DIFFERENT ANTENNA SHAPES In this section we observe the transient response from realistic structures. Because the impulse responses from antennas are very complex, it is not possible to obtain an analytic solution as before, but it is necessary to carry out a numerical simulation. Such numerical analysis is quite possible nowadays through the use of computer programs defined in [18, 191, which can carry out analysis of electromagnetic radiation from any arbitrary-shaped composite metallic and dielectric structures.

If one uses the closed surface integral for the magnetic flux density B, its integral over a closed surface is equal to zero, as no free magnetic charges occur in nature. Typically, magnetic charges appear as pole pairs. 19) 20 WHAT IS AN ANTENNA AND HOW DOES IT WORK V. 20) Equivalently in Cartesian coordinates, this becomes This completes the presentation of the four equations, which are popularly referred to as Maxwell’s equations, which really were developed by Hertz in scalar form and cast by Heaviside into the vector form that we use today.

Maxwell assigned strong physical significance to the magnetic vector and electric scalar potentials A and y, respectively (bold variables denote vectors; italic denotes that they are function of both time and space, whereas roman variables are a function of space only), both of which played dominant roles in his formulation. He did not put any emphasis on the sources of these electromagnetic potentials, namely the currents and the charges. He also assumed a hypothetical mechanical medium called ether to justify the existence of displacement currents in free space.

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