Menbere Akililu, owner of bay area Salute Ristorante.

Bay Area's Living Foundation interviews Menbere Akililu

Menbere Akililu, proprietor of Salute Ristorante ( shared with Denise Ronay, founder/pres. of Living Foundation, thoughts on serving others at table. Menbere wants “ All to be served with dignity, elegance, surrounded by beauty.” Denise agreed that table talk is more than food. It is an opportunity to share ideas, enjoy another’s presence, and relax. Living Foundation applauds her community service of giving a Thanksgiving meal for free.

Menbere has been recognized in the community and given an honorary doctorate from Holy Names University. She continued to serve anyone who came Thanksgiving dinner free in 2016. Congrats to all those that participated in city meetings to support her business. We commend you, Menbere for caring and sharing! REMEMBER, “At the table, there is life!” Denise