Words of Reflection, an essay, by Denise Ronay. Living Foundation       If we think of children playing with their dollhouses using toy people; If we think of adults designing and making model size cities in which to visually place action through technology; Then, we can step off the earth mentally and imagine God placing us on this small planet. We are like gods to the playhouse and to the video set, but not god-sensitive to how we should appreciate our home. If God doesn’t make junk and we are not meant to be expendables, then we must dump our habits of abuse or neglect of others, and the misuse of the planetary gifts around us.

Here we are like gods naming our cities(Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Madrid) and drawing our maps and borders(Mexico, Afghanistan, Turkey). Name-callers! Name-droppers! STOP!!! It is time for we spirit beings in mud-hut bodies to embrace our habitat, creating beauty, restoring what can be restored, and to live the best lives possible. We are under construction as holders of divine insight with renewed vision of planetary health and wellness for mind, body, and the earth. Let us make paths in the wilderness of others lives to live long and prosper. Can a soul prosper and spiritually grow? Is there enough love among us?

"Christ is in our midst. He was, is, and always will be!"

We don’t act like Christ is in our midst. Christians, wake up! Why are you in such a hurry for your nirvana, for your heaven? Tend the garden. Breathe. Plant. Look at the night sky. Listen to that still, small voice within you. Take time to love somebody and take time to love this love-nest named earth. Come, let us celebrate the feast and make life more beautiful. God, touch me to tend to my earth family and earth nest. Humbly, your child.

-Denise Ronay