Requirements for membership

“The Bylaws of Living Foundation dictate one (1) class of members only, and membership, and other rights, interests and privileges of each member shall be equal. Qualified persons have been born through water and the Spirit (John 3) to Hear the call of the Lord to preach and disseminate information about Christianity, and to do the Lord’s work. The member desires to be used to harvest souls and to grow as friends of Christ, to be witnesses led by the Holy Spirit or desire to grow in this way.”

Membership application is required with a $ 30 application fee. Dues: All members are encouraged to make such financial contributions as the Holy Spirit may guide them to make. The organization is a religious association (501 c3), non-denominational, serving ecumenically, and service oriented via varied projects. Donations are tax exempt to the extent allowable by law. Anyone can contribute to this ministry.  MEMBERS might desire to limit their commitment in time.  VOLUNTEERS and/or CONTRACTED persons are necessary to fulfill project objectives of service.  Leaders of particular projects are appointed.

People of varied ethnicity, economics, and denominations are invited to meet and share unity in love. Refer to the “About Us” and “Special Events” on Living Foundation is to facilitate spiritual mindedness in individuals, peace within oneself, with God, and with others. Sharing together results in true love spread wherever you are. Fellowship at table is a practice (agape) for growth! Prayers, contemplation, mini-retreats, reflection, readings, short, sacred ‘Pauses’ through the day, encouragement to see and hear around you, noticing your breath, thoughts, movements, and listening within are encouraged spiritually. The Arts in varied mediums can be used to serve your personal growth, the aged, infirmed, children, and everyday people. The openness to your gifts is welcome.

Membership Benefits

Discounts on mini-retreats at special sites are offered. “The Prayer for Good” bookmark is available for any member (English/Spanish).   If this ministry seems spiritually worthwhile, just give! Peace!