Photos by Denise Ronay. Music by Luftrum.

Once upon a real time moment, while visiting hospitalized veterans, I asked one WWII man, ‘Where did he like to pray?” He said, gesturing up to the sky, “My chapel is outside”. The sky was beautiful, and the air smelled clean. Let us take some minutes to look and see the things of beauty. There are surprises in the heavens. I look up and see God’s art for the day.

Daily now, as I age with this awareness, I say, ‘How Beautiful Is Your Dwelling Place, Lord!” That place, The Chapel, is above us, under our feet, in someone else’s smile, a garden, the running children at play, a physical sancturay, our very hearts and breath.

A Bishop called affectionately “Dad”, E.E. Cleveland, COGIC, told me “Ronay, we are a spirit man in a mud-hut body.” These bodies are “The Chapel”. Halleluah! Can we “Amen That!”? Do you feel a dance coming on for the Holy One? Listen inside and to the voices of praise, to the Word of God, to the words of loving ones who have walked this planet, or are around us now. Quick, go to “The Chapel”! Behold, There is a banquet table being set for whosoever would.”

-Denise Ronay

If you desire a longer retreat, consider San Damiano Retreat Center, 
Danville, CA, or Santa Sabina Retreat Center, San Rafael, CA. 
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