Just my opinion, essay, by Denise Ronay. Living Foundation

“Another day full of disasters: South Korean girls die in San Francisco, Ca. (plane crash), explosion wipes out city in Quebec, somebody died in Camden, N.J., gangs fight, people cheat, the mentally challenged are treated like prisoners in some places (not just of their minds). Well, at least we try to care for this population. In some countries, they are left by the side of the road to die. We go from “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (U.S. Constitution), celebrated in the USA to WHOA! O’ Philadelphia, Pa., how far have we come?
Overwrought, worried, needy people are everywhere. Jerusalem, Cairo, Nepal, Ethiopia, Bombay, the list goes on and on. Are you just living? What do you need for survival? Are you alive, living the better lifestyle? What can you give? Let us pray for each other and how we can better handle this life and care for each other. Be patient, please! We are all humans in transition. Forgive us for all delays. Some of us are just holding-on. Some of us are hoping for a better tomorrow. Sacrifice for another, if you can. It will come back to you, some say. Be a blessing! Let someone be kind to you, also. Breathe. Pray. Reach-out to others while there is still time. Tic-tock, all our clocks are winding down. We are all lined up for the eternal hereafter. I know, relax, you may have another opinion.
Meanwhile, my teary people, GOD LOVES YOU! Hold on!”

-Denise Ronay